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Alumni Talk: “Trusting Data as Our Co-Pilot in Work and Life”

Der dritte Vortrag dieses Jahres aus der Alumni Talk Reihe kommt von Rudi Poepsel Lemaitre. Bereits als Master-Student war er Teilnehmer im Software Campus und ist nun Doktorand an der TU Berlin. Am 12.10. um 20 Uhr hält er seinen Vortrag zum Lebenszyklus von Daten für Big Data und den neuesten Technologien um diese zu verwalten.

Title: “Trusting Data as Our Co-Pilot in Work and Life”

Abstract: We’re entering a new era a new era defined by the prevalence of Big Data and data-driven applications, which are reshaping industries and social sciences alike. In these times, data is no longer merely a resource; it has become the cornerstone of progress and innovation, leading to a new research standard known as data-intensive research. However, it’s crucial to recognize that data is not the new oil, but rather more like the new soil. Much like soil, data follows a lifecycle encompassing collection, preparation, enrichment, processing, and analysis. In this talk, Rudi will provide an overview of Big Data and AI technologies that will guide us through this emerging data-driven era. Furthermore, he will delve into NebulaStream, a cutting-edge data management system designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, developed by our DIMA group at TU Berlin.

CV: Rudi is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the DIMA (Data and Information Management) group at TU Berlin. He holds the distinction of being the first master’s student from TU Berlin to receive the Software Campus grant. Rudi’s academic journey has been marked by a dedicated focus on database management and data processing, reflecting his passion for advancing these critical areas of study. Rudi’s research topics have centered around pioneering solutions for the integration of data protection policies into databases. His primary objective is to ensure robust privacy guarantees while facilitating the sharing of data of the highest quality. This research aligns with the growing imperative of safeguarding sensitive information in today’s data-driven world.

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